Music is alive in all of us. For some however, they really want to take music to the next level and make money from it. In the music industry there are a lot of different things that you can do. If you have musical talent, you can sing. If you like to entertain you can become a DJ. The first step in this process is to buy a turntable.

What does a DJ do?

A DJ (Disc Jockey) is someone who plays music for people to listen to.  They make the music sound great and they match it with suitable effects and lighting for a spectacular performance.  The DJ helps in deciding what kind of event will go well with which type of song, or even what songs can be played together.

What equipment do they use?

A DJ plays music using electronic equipment.  They use two types of devices to play records or CDs:

A record deck, also called a turntable, is an audio playback device. It is used to play sound recordings such as vinyl records and magnetic tape for listening to music, radio broadcasts and public address systems. The signal can be connected directly to a mixing console for use in live applications and can also be recorded onto media such as magnetic tape, hard discs or flash memory.

Record decks are available either as separate units (turntables) with their own speakers, or in combined form known as record players.  Some DJs prefer the feel of vinyl records and will use a record deck rather than a CD player and turntable combination as preferred by club DJs.  The term “turntablist” is used to describe DJs who use record decks as their primary source of playback, sometimes because they also use the records themselves as percussive instruments.