There are a lot of things that will take power in your home, starting with your heating and cooling units all the way down to charging your cell phone. As we use power, we are running up our electric bills and putting strain on the grid.

One way to avoid this is to have our own power source in our homes. When we have our own power sources in our home, we are able to have power no matter the condition of the grid. To start this process, a certified Tesla powerwall installer needs to come and set you up with one of their units.

Turn off your power when not in use

One way that you can save power is to turn it off when not in use. If you have lights on in rooms that are not being used, then turn them off. If you have electronics that you don’t use, then turn them off or unplug them. Doing these small things will help in reducing your power usage.

Keep your house cool

When your house is hot your electronics and other devices will start to overwork. This will cause more drain on the system and increase your bills. What you want to do is close curtains, blinds and other areas that let in a lot of light. On the cooler parts of the day you can have these open, however, to maximize your energy usage try to keep these devices in the dark.

Power savings tips for your home

Here are some power saving tips for your home:

1) Install motion sensor lightbulbs.

2) Replace regular bulbs with energy efficient ones. They use less power and give off the same amount of light that you need in a room.

3) Unplug appliances when not in use. This can include phones, radios, and anything else that you don’t need plugged in.

4) Make sure your refrigerator is set to the right temperature. If it is too warm or too cold then this can use more power than necessary when trying to get things cool or warm.