There are many different parts of a car that make it work. They will start with the engine that has spark plugs, pistons and fuel injection. These combined together will create a force that will allow the driver to operate the vehicle.

The engine of the car will spin the wheel of the car. The wheels will turn and allow you to move down the street. You can go up a hill if you need too with a little help of your brakes that are in each corner of your tires.

But how does it start? When do all these parts work together to create a force? To make it work first you need to turn on the key and then put your foot on the gas pedal. When you do this you will hear a loud roar that will be produced by all of these parts working together.

You can also switch gears when going downhill with no problem. You don’t have to worry about stopping at any red lights because you can just run them over. When you are in a hurry and want to get somewhere you have the power of your car engine to make it happen.

To start with first gear you are going to need to let out the clutch that is located on your floor by pressing down on it with your foot then using your other foot put pressure on the gas pedal and when you do that your car will start to move.

Once you get out on the road it is very important to stop at a red light. If not, then people might run into the back of you because they are thinking the same thing as you and want to go fast also. So if there is a red light it will slow you down and everyone else around you.