Making adjustments to rifles is a hobby for most gun enthusiasts and owners. While some people take their rifles to gunsmiths, many prefer the pleasure of working on them.

Want to scope your rifle? That’s simple enough -if you’re prepared with the right rifle scope mounting tools. There are several items needed for this job that you need to have on hand before attempting to scope the rifle. Let’s take a look at those tools on this list below.

Screwdriver Set

Most everyone has a screwdriver set on hand but if you do not, go ahead and find a quality product to add to the garage. You’ll use the screwdrivers often once you have them handy to you. The screwdriver is one of the most important tools needed to scope a rifle as well, and takes care of many other jobs with the firearm.

Gun Vise

Any type of firearm maintenance requires a gun vise, so get this tool if you don’t own it already. Aside from screwdrivers, this tool is the most important you can own to work on firearms. The vises adjust and support the firearm in the right position. Several types of vises are available and make it easy and quick to mount a scope.

Reticle Leveling System

This tool helps perfectly level the scope on the firearm. It is essential that you have a perfectly level scope so you achieve precision and accuracy. This system helps precisely align the weapon every time.

rifle scope mounting tools

Laser Bore Sighter

A laser bore sighter is another tool you’ll need for mounting a scope. There are several types of sighters but the laser designed type is the best to get the job done because it is so much easier.